Journal Abridged – #1 Introduction to Souls

This series takes the Developers Journals and gives you a run down of the key information covered. While there is not much discussion here, you can head to the accompanying Journal Discussed article which will be posted later in the week.

With Soulbound Studios using the Soulborn engine, it is very clear that souls are a big deal.  Information about this fundamental  parts of the Chronicles of Elyria world is starting to spill out with Introduction to Souls the first of a three-part series. There is so much information, even when broken it takes up a lot of grey matter to think about all the implications.

Chronicles of Elyria Akashic Records


  • Your characters will die but your soul lives on. It is what gives you meaningful progression, even once your character has breathed their last.

Skill Ramp

  • Your soul will remember what skills it had previously and learn that skill much faster up to its previous level. You got your 50 points in Cartography with your last character, your new one will still start at 0 but get back to that 50 much faster giving you a far better chance to get beyond.
  • Your souls memory does fade. If you last learnt a skill two, three, or, even more, lifetimes ago it is not going to level as quickly as if it was in your last life. However, the reverse is true that if you have levelled that skill in everyone one of those lives it is going to be even faster to get to that point this time around.

Soul Age

  • Living multiple lives you learn skills more quickly, it naturally lets you get to a higher level of skill. This means the more lives your soul has had the most powerful. There is a chance when starting the game you will be able to choose a soul that has already lived more than one life so you will start more powerful.
  • If you join the game late (although if you are reading this you have plenty of time before the as yet unannounced launch so try not to miss it!) the chance of starting with a soul that has been through several lives will be increased over time. That means latecomers will still want to join as they will not be that far behind everyone else.


  • There is a chance the soul you choose will be awesome. There is also a chance it will not. The talent system is not designed to be fair. Your soul may have a talent which can range from magical ability (apparently one of the more common talents) to being able to speak to animals, to plane walking, to a huge range of other things that are still being added to.
  • You will not know if the soul you are choosing has a talent, that information is hidden until something happens to your character to trigger the talent for the first time. It might be dying a certain way, meeting your soul mate (more on them next week) or any other number of in-game actives.
  • If you have a talent it can be developed, it’s strength increased over time. It will also follow you between characters.

So that’s the run down, the abridged version of what was a pretty packed journal. I am sure there are all sorts of thoughts running through your head so go and spill them all out in the community forums, or down in the comments here, and come back later in the week for an insight into some of the community musings and additional developer discussion on this journal.

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