Akashic Records – Immortality

Welcome back to the Akashic Records. A series of posts about the lore of Chronicles of Elyria.

Earlier in the week, our favourite Jeromy treated us to this snippet in response to a post about possible ways to stay young by community member Burdock:

“There is rumor of an ancient relic handed down by the Antepyrovians that suspends the normal aging process. But what length would the Children of Mann go to, to obtain such an object? Would anyone be safe wearing something so coveted?”

Anara Starsong – Keeper of Chronicles

There are a couple of things about this that set my mind racing. To be honest none of them are about the possibility there might be an item in the game that stops your character aging. That fact seems so fitting in the world they have described so far it was almost expected. When you consider the idea of encouraging player-driven stories and drama, rare artifacts with immense power for characters to squabble over seem almost essential.

What my mind first jumped to though is who is Anara Starsong? While I did not use the name in the first Akashic Records they were the source for the quote there too. The name sounds feminine with the ‘-ara’ ending so I will use female pronouns, but there is nothing to say they have gender let alone are female. Her name certainly does have celestial links to it. Combine that with her reference to “Children of Mann” in a tone that separates them from herself I wonder if she is a deity? Or simply not in our plane of existence, living instead in the Akashic Records themselves in a sort of timeless limbo. Does that mean the Records are somewhere out in the stars, or perhaps singular star if the images we have seen in the latest developer journal are anything to go by?

Who also are, or perhaps were, the Antepyrovians? Again they are separated from the “Children of Mann” so it does not look like they will be playable, but are they an ancient race? Or do they again live outside our normal mortal world? Looking at the word itself we have ‘Ante-‘ meaning before and ‘-pyro- being fire, could those hold clues? A civilization ancient enough that they came before a fire. Or could it be a particular fire? Some world defining event that has now left their civilizations in tatters and their relics spread?

All is, for now, speculation. However, if you enjoy speculation to jump in with your own ideas in the comments.

7 thoughts on “Akashic Records – Immortality

  1. Anara is a *she*, and is herself a Child of Mann, though her writings often speak of the Children in the third person due to her station. Also, you’ve seen her many times. 😉


  2. Thank you for jumping in Caspain.

    Seen her many times? Oh my goodness new speculation: She is the wild haired woman wielding the staff and dagger on the right hand side of the main site background. If that is true I wonder if the other two characters might also be well known NPCs.


      1. Maybe the one in the middle is King Caspian. I said King because he seems to be wearing a crowned helmet… and he looks like a “Caspian” ;P

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  3. “Antepyrovians” reminds me of the more common term “Antediluvians” which refers to those who lived before the Biblical flood. Perhaps there was a cataclysmic fire at one time that impacted the lands of Elyria, one the wiped out a civilisation whose remains are waiting to be found by our player characters. Exciting stuff!


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