Tribal Review – Culture and Lore

Concept art showing the tribes of Chronicles of Elyria.

While the Echo has been quiet for the last few months the Soulbound Studios team have been exactly the opposite. They have all had their noses to the grindstone. Hopefully, you have been following the comprehensive updates they have released on their progress. So comprehensive in fact there was little for me to add. (That and I had my hands full with a new addition to the family!) However, over the last couple of weeks the team have been dropping information on the Tribes we will see in the game and with that has come juicy lore which I am going to compile and speculate on here! This first article just rounds up the basics about the Tribe system and looks at the impact of player actions on their lore and culture. Continue reading


Opinion – The Frustrations of Early Production

Screenshot showing the town of New Haven in the snow in Chronicles of Elyria.

Disclaimer: This is an opinion piece, if you are looking for facts and details this is not the article for you.

You might have noticed that this site has been rather quiet as of late. I wanted to talk about why. It is not because I have lost interest in the game, far from it, it is simply that the information we are getting at the moment in the game updates is pretty straight forward. Here is a new image, here is an update to the store, they are not topics that I feel need much discussion. That means that Chronicles of Elyria is in that tricky middle phase of development. The ideas have been shared but the details are not ready yet. That can cause frustration in the community, and it is that frustration and my thoughts on it that I want to talk about today. Continue reading

So you want to be a… Bounty Hunter

So you want to play Chronicles of Elyria? But what do you want to be?

This new series looks at some possible professions, trades, and ways of life, giving you inspiration while looking at the detail we have for the mechanics of the game. It is available both in video or text depending on your preference. They are the same, mostly, so no need to read and watch! Please do remember that Chronicles of Elyria is in development, that means the information we have is not always exhaustive but is always subject to change.

This week’s profession will appeal if you have an interest in Player vs Player combat out in the open world. In being a defender of justice bringing lawbreakers to face trial. A blade for hire that can aid those who have had personal contracts broken. What about being the muscle that helps enforce the contracts that might not be of an entirely legal nature.

So you want to be a… Bounty Hunter? Continue reading

Akashic Records – Celestial Sisters and the Virtori

Soulbound Studios have a released a new layout for their updates and I was happy to see one of the topics they will cover on a regular basis is lore. In fact, this week’s KickStarter update did indeed include some more gorgeous concept art of the characters in the games story and an explanation of who they are believed to be. Though that is not all we have for you this week as we managed to get Jeremy ‘Caspian’ Walsh to drop some lore over in the IRC channel too.

One important thing that Caspian also confirmed was that the lore we are getting is just a part of the overall fabric of Elyria. There are many different religions in the game, in fact, he confirmed there would be five of them! They all have different beliefs of the world, different explanations for what is going on. Neither we as players nor our characters know which is the ‘true’ story of Elyria. For example:

Only the Qin recognize the Qindred, per say. Their belief that all Mann-kind has descended from Qin is a belief held by them alone.

Speaking of Qin, why don’t we meet two more:

Concept art showing Anelica and Luna, from Chronicles of Elyria. Continue reading

Akashic Records – Ring of Erathor

There have been many big announcements coming out in the final hours of the KickStarter. Significant partnerships seem to be the theme of the day. Partnerships between Soulbound Studios and Improbable, developers of SpatialOS which is the most outstanding technology (which I will not cover because it goes right over my head apart from being utterly great news). We had a World Interation Video that not only demonstrated the way we connect with items in Elyria, but also the partnership between the thief and the shadows. And now we have lore describing what might be the most heartbreaking partnership I have read of for some time.

This lore also came with art. Deamon, the God of Fire. Or perhaps we should refer to him as the Qin of Fire now that we have some more information about the different religions of Elyria and a slight update in the spelling of Kin seen before. The art depicts his terrifying form forging a ring, a ring that has a deep story to it.

Deamon, Qin of Fire, concept art from Chronicles of Elyria. Continue reading

Annoucement: KickStarted!

With 20 days left for you to give your backing to Chronicles of Elyria, they have already hit the $900k target they have set themselves. This is great news for all involved. All those over at Soulbound Studios and all of us wanting to play the game!

Congratulations! $900k achieved!

Chronicles of Elyria reaches their Kickstarter Goal

Oh and I got married, had a honeymoon, and I am now back to bring you more regular updates.


Announcement: KickStarter is Here

It is time. The KickStarter has begun.

If you have read anything about this game and thought it sounded like something you wanted to play, please think about backing. If you have seen a video and thought it was a world you wanted to go into, please think about backing. This is not going to get made without the support of the players, and I am sure there are a lot of us that really want to play this game. Players who want to see Chronicles of Elyria made. Players who want to see Soulbound Studios ideas realised. Players who want to live out their MMORPG fantasies. Please consider backing if you can afford to.

You can visit the KickStarter page here.