Announcement: Q&A March 21st @ 11pm UTC

Get your Q&A Kicks with the video which has now been uploaded.

Where: DM21_Gaming over on YouTube

When: Monday, march 21st at 4pm PDT / 7pm EDT / 11pm GMT. That’s right daylight saving time has started in America, but not in Europe. It is a bit all over the place so make sure you know the right time for your region.

How: Questions can be submitted in advance here.

It has been a while since we had a Q&A and this time they have some stipulations. Basically don’t bother asking about the KickStarter tiers and that information is coming later and they have another Q&A planned for the business model so leave that to one side too. However, everything else is fair game! Remember to up vote the questions you want to see get answered as that is how the questions get chosen.

The Muster – Power, ‘Head Start’ and Titan’s Steppe

A dark street in Chronciles of Elyria.
Another week closer to the KickStarter. A week in which we have had a newsletter and forum posts, IRC chatter and general banter going on across social media. This post is here to Muster up all that news and put it all into a convenient package for you!

This week we are looking at the news the official newsletter brought, and how you can get the next issue delivered to your inbox if you missed out. We also look at power vacuums, what exactly a Chronicles of Elyria ‘head start’ is, and where is Titan’s Steppe. Continue reading

The Muster – Sacrifice, Skills and Different Stories

Ruins by the road from Chronicles of Elyria.

Well, there was some darn big news this week that has stolen most of the air time, and rightly so. If you have not watched the pre-alpha first look video and caught up on the KickStarter news, then you really need to do so. However, the Muster is still here to pull together a few of the other news stories that were missed in all of the excitement.

Videos were not the only new media this week, we have a whole host of new screenshots to look at and some members of the community began to question exactly what it is we are seeing. There was also a magazine interview over at Gaiscioch which covered a lot of interesting topics, including some information about changes to the skill system. Finally, is starting with high influence ruining the fun of the game? Spoiler: Only if you treat Chronicles of Elyria as a typical MMO. Continue reading

Announcement – KickStarter Date and Video

Today was the announcement we have been waiting for, and it was worth the wait. The headline news is that Soulbound Studios will be starting their KickStarter on May 3rd 2016, and are asking for our help in reaching a funding goal of $900k. However, that headline did not come alone and it is the supporting information that really captured my attention.

It is accompanied by a letter from Jeromy ‘Caspian’ Walsh the owner and Creative Director of Soulbound Studios. It explains why they are making this project, why they asking for your money to do it, and why they are asking for the amount they have chosen.

The announcement is also supported by a video. Our first official footage of Elyira, of the world many of us want to call home. Not only is it exciting to finally see it, but it was also incredibly moving to see the game coming to life. Watch it yourself and see how far they have come alone and consider if you want to be part of getting them the rest of the way. We will be getting a lot more information before the KickStarter on May 3rd but this is a great start:

The Muster – Protection, Bandits and Theft

A rocky outcrop in Chronciles of Elyria.

This week was the quiet before the storm. A storm that is due to hit the coast of Elyria very soon indeed. The Muster brings together all the parts of the news that I think really stood out. From the official forums, the IRC and also the live-streamed Q&A from the beginning of the week all the good stuff is brought together in one place.

This week we are looking at community members who want to know how they protect themselves from bandits, those that want to become the very bandits the others are avoiding, and people looking to retrieve stolen items. And just to through in a curve ball, a bit of a thought about an air of mystery in games. Continue reading

Chat Log – The Story of Elyria

A monster in Silverrun in Chronicles of Elyria

Layers. They make things better. Be it trifles, cakes, other desserts, oh and stories. Story is something that takes many different forms in a game. It can be the driving force, a tacked on addition, or some games even leave it out completely. This week we were treated to an explanation from the Developers about how they intend to tackle the story in the Chronicles of Elyria. You will not be surprised to hear that they are crafting a deep, layered system to permeate the world.

One of the places the Developers often give the community extra information about their plans is their IRC channel. That was the case last Monday where we had some great monologues from Jeromy ‘Caspian’ Walsh on the topic of the story. While the majority of this article is a description and discussion of the topic I cannot resist one quote:

It’s my goal that I’ve added enough layers of complexity, that whether by your own choosing, or by seemingly random events happening around you, that every single time you log on you feel like there’s something for you to do that’s fun.

So what are these layers and do they help reach this goal? Continue reading

The Muster – Community Milestones, Influence, and Seasons

A ruin in the forests a screenshort from Chronicles of Elyria.

The Muster is a weekly gathering of all the news and announcements for Chronicles of Elyria. This week one of the main things that happened is you arrived. Thank you for coming into the community, it is a nice place to be as you get to be involved early with a studio that actually seem to listen to us. If you are a longer term community member then you get a shout out too because you have helped Soulbound Studios reach quite the milestone this week.

We also bring you a reminder about Influence Points, do not try to cheat they are on to you! As well as some other interesting topics, can ban players or guilds from your Kingdom, should seasons be longer, and also a little bit about the games AI. Continue reading

Announcement: Q&A February 22nd @ Midnight UTC

If you missed the live stream you can find the video here!

Where: DM21_Gaming over on YouTube

When: Monday, February 22th at 4pm PST / 7pm EST / Midnight GMT

How: Questions can be submitted in advance here.

Afraid it is another late warning, but yeahy for Q&As! With a great influx of community members over the weekend (welcome you lovely folks) there are bound to be new questions. New eyes bring new ideas and new thoughts after all. So get on over there and catch it live if you can. I will, of course, link the video when that is uploaded too.

The Muster – Talents, Art and Jail Time

A boreal forest in Chronicles of Elyria.

It might have seemed that without any Developer Journals this was another slow news week. However, looking over what we did learn that is not the case. In fact, far from it! One of the changes revealed in this week’s Q&A was a pretty major shift in a core aspect of the game that is likely to split opinion. If that wasn’t enough the images that have come out of Soulbound Studios are worthy of a news post in themselves. That is before we get on to all the other bits and pieces that have been gathered up for this Muster.

Want to know more about the proposed change to Talents? See some more striking screenshots? Want possible adjustments we might see to the jail system? What about learning more about fish farming, server locations or how the developers are handling the pressure of a hyped community? Well, hopefully, I can help. Continue reading

Announcement: Q&A February 15th @ Midnight UTC

Now with As for the Qs, you can find the video here.

Where: DM21_Gaming over on YouTube

When: Monday, February 15th at 4pm PST / 7pm EST / Midnight GMT

How: Questions can be submitted in advance here.

Late warning on this one. But if you are online in thirty minutes time I recommend running on over. This week there is something amazing being shared. Something we have never seen before. Something that might look a lot like Caspians face!