Announcement – KickStarter Date and Video

Today was the announcement we have been waiting for, and it was worth the wait. The headline news is that Soulbound Studios will be starting their KickStarter on May 3rd 2016, and are asking for our help in reaching a funding goal of $900k. However, that headline did not come alone and it is the supporting information that really captured my attention.

It is accompanied by a letter from Jeromy ‘Caspian’ Walsh the owner and Creative Director of Soulbound Studios. It explains why they are making this project, why they asking for your money to do it, and why they are asking for the amount they have chosen.

The announcement is also supported by a video. Our first official footage of Elyira, of the world many of us want to call home. Not only is it exciting to finally see it, but it was also incredibly moving to see the game coming to life. Watch it yourself and see how far they have come alone and consider if you want to be part of getting them the rest of the way. We will be getting a lot more information before the KickStarter on May 3rd but this is a great start:

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