Annoucement: KickStarted!

With 20 days left for you to give your backing to Chronicles of Elyria, they have already hit the $900k target they have set themselves. This is great news for all involved. All those over at Soulbound Studios and all of us wanting to play the game!

Congratulations! $900k achieved!

Chronicles of Elyria reaches their Kickstarter Goal

Oh and I got married, had a honeymoon, and I am now back to bring you more regular updates.


Announcement: KickStarter is Here

It is time. The KickStarter has begun.

If you have read anything about this game and thought it sounded like something you wanted to play, please think about backing. If you have seen a video and thought it was a world you wanted to go into, please think about backing. This is not going to get made without the support of the players, and I am sure there are a lot of us that really want to play this game. Players who want to see Chronicles of Elyria made. Players who want to see Soulbound Studios ideas realised. Players who want to live out their MMORPG fantasies. Please consider backing if you can afford to.

You can visit the KickStarter page here.

Announcement – KickStarter Date and Video

Today was the announcement we have been waiting for, and it was worth the wait. The headline news is that Soulbound Studios will be starting their KickStarter on May 3rd 2016, and are asking for our help in reaching a funding goal of $900k. However, that headline did not come alone and it is the supporting information that really captured my attention.

It is accompanied by a letter from Jeromy ‘Caspian’ Walsh the owner and Creative Director of Soulbound Studios. It explains why they are making this project, why they asking for your money to do it, and why they are asking for the amount they have chosen.

The announcement is also supported by a video. Our first official footage of Elyira, of the world many of us want to call home. Not only is it exciting to finally see it, but it was also incredibly moving to see the game coming to life. Watch it yourself and see how far they have come alone and consider if you want to be part of getting them the rest of the way. We will be getting a lot more information before the KickStarter on May 3rd but this is a great start:

The Muster – Vitality, Healing and Feature Creep

The end of another week means it is time to sort through the spoils. Gathering together all the news from across forums, interviews and the chat room so that you do not miss out on any of that good stuff. If you want to know what one thing I really think you should know from this week just head straight to the end for the Muster Point.

Vitality and healing are our two top topics this week. However, they are accompanied by a whole host of other intriguing tidbits such as another new name, perishable foods and unique creates. Also a quick, but meaningful, comment from Soulbound Studios on how the scope of the game might change based on KickStarter, or more accurately might not change. Continue reading