Akashic Records – Lore Video

We have had gorgeous videos introducing us to the world, the team and some of their technical capabilities. Now though we have had the video that really matters, Lore. The topic of the video is rather apt for this series of posts as it is the Akashic Records themselves. What are they? Why do we go there? More importantly, where do we go from there?

Finally, we do not have to read what Anara Starsong has to say, we can hear her tell us herself.

So now you have watched that on repeat, for an hour if you are anything like me, let’s see what we lovely lore we have learnt!

Some people say that when your body dies, your soul returns a great library called the Akashic Records. That within its halls are row upon row of cloistered chambers. Each filled with books and scrolls containing all the deeds of every life you’ve lived. It is believed that within these chambers a soul can read over their past lives and learn from their mistakes in preparation for their next life.

It is also said that every soul is born with a purpose. That they choose the precise time and place in which to be born, so they can learn the lessons needed to obtain enlightenment. If that’s true, then I choose this life. My curse is my sacrifice and at the same time my gift to the world. But while my wyrd is one of loneliness I will not relent, I will do what must be done to prevent the awakening. It was Mannkind who sealed away the ancients. And it will be Mannkind who releases them. Through our own ignorance, we will set them free upon the world once more.

And it has already begun. I have foreseen it.

So I beseech you if you are one of my kin, a follower of The Light, or a Virtorian who upholds the virtues we fought so desperately for, then now is time. Return to us Elyrian. Come now.

Let us take this in a nice logical order… so that last paragraph! These are some of the most important words in the whole thing for me because these are some of the religions we are going to see in the game. We have kin, which is the religion Anara herself belongs to and whose believes we have heard about before. Then there are two completely new concepts, The Light and Virtorians. We do not know much about these two. Speculation, The Light could well be the idea of doing ‘good’ and being the better person.

We do not have to speculate completely about those Virtorians:

Virtorians believe there are beings of Virtue and Vice, and that there’s an epic struggle between them. These are extra-planar beings, not gods. The Virtori have their own lore about how beings existed in the world, and each through choices they made, brought the 7 virtues and 7 vices into the world. Virtorians don’t believe there’s any relationship between Mann and the Virtori, we’re separate from them.  [Source – Caspian IRC, edited for clarity]

From the video, it appears that those who believe in virtue, those who follow the Light and those who are part of the Kin all have similar goals. Working, and fighting together. How solid that bond is, how much they fight among themselves as well, will be very interesting to find out!

Now let’s end with some quick fire speculation! And this is all HUGELY speculative:

Obtain enlightenment – Could this be possible in the game? If we learn from the Akashic Records, if we see what the scrolls are telling us maybe we can achieve some sort of enlightenment. Extra power? Different goals? It could have a lot of meaning!

Wyrd – Is this just a fancy word for destiny or is it something more specific to Kin? Is this how they believe it works in Elyria that we all have a wyrd that we can follow?

Mannkind who sealed away the ancients – Why? When people seal things away it is always a bad sign. It means that they were too hard to kill. What makes them so strong? Immune to us? Why can we not kill them? And if they are back can we seal them away again or are they wise to our tricks this time?

Return to us Elyrian. It is time for us to leave the Akashic Records and go back to Elyria. It is time for us to end this Akashic Records article too. We have got a lot of stuff to ponder about. Is there anything you saw that got you speculating? What about that voice, was that how you imagined Anara sounding? And most importantly are you going to respond to her call to arms? Put all your thoughts and feelings in the comments below.

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