Akashic Records – Lore Video

We have had gorgeous videos introducing us to the world, the team and some of their technical capabilities. Now though we have had the video that really matters, Lore. The topic of the video is rather apt for this series of posts as it is the Akashic Records themselves. What are they? Why do we go there? More importantly, where do we go from there?

Finally, we do not have to read what Anara Starsong has to say, we can hear her tell us herself.

So now you have watched that on repeat, for an hour if you are anything like me, let’s see what we lovely lore we have learnt! Continue reading

Akashic Records – The Burning

The Burning, from Chronicles of Elyria.

Lore is what brings a world alive for me. Chronicles of Elyria does not yet have enough lore revealed for me to really sink my teeth into, but, I am not worried. They have good reason not to expose everything yet. Soulbound Studios are looking to employ a Story Director, attracting the best talent means leaving them space to do their job. Why become Story Director of a finished story, where you cannot leave your mark? The team has built up the lore over the last 10 years, it is not that they are lacking in it, it is just that it is not final. They hear our cries for lore though and they have responded! Just be aware that this is subject to change.

This image is not our view of Elyria. Do not worry this has not suddenly become a Sci-Fi game! That is art made by an Elyrian to represent a cataclysmic event they believe to have happened in the past. The artist follows the same religion whose name we do not yet know, as Anara Starsong. The image shows us the effects of the Burning. Continue reading

Akashic Records – Anara Starsong

Often all we get of lore is a snippet, a few lines to tempt us in and then nothing more. I am over the stars, to tell you that is not the case today! Today I have a story to share with you. The story of Anara Starsong. The Seer we have heard about on the forums before. A woman who has had some interesting times over her young life. This background story was shared by the Lore Master himself Jeromy ‘Caspian’ Walsh.

Anara is a noblewoman, the youngest daughter of a warm and caring Duke. At the tender age of six she started having strange nightmares that eventually turned into waking dreams. Initially, her family just thought she had an active imagination, but before long they realized she was having memories and flashbacks. Memories… that were not her own. Continue reading

Akashic Records – The Seer

Welcome back to the Akashic Records. A series of posts about the lore of Chronicles of Elyria. Yet again we turn to words from Anara Starsong, the Keeper of the Chronicles and the character through which we are slowly learning the story of the world. It turns out she also goes by another name, the origin of which has been revealed in a lore post over on the official forums.

Perhaps they all resigned to their fate. Perhaps they’ve just been hiding, biding their time. Nobody knows for sure. In either case, it’s been eons since anyone has seen the ancients – the true Ancients. Sure, there are those who claim to be descendants, but even their blood is diluted by now.

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