Forum Finds – Music

If you have ever thrown a party you will know the importance of great music. Music also turns sitting around the campfire from being out in the cold and dark into an enjoyable evening. It is true for an MMO gathering too and while it might seem a small addition this forum find made me dance.

Community member Amarok was posting in the Entertainer? thread and made this comment:

It would be great if the music system would be similar to that of LOTRO

If you are not familiar with it then there are numerous YouTube videos of some fabulous performances. That is because there was a range of instruments that could be played together. As well as a spontaneous tune using your keyboard to play different notes, you could write, share and download tunes. Many with multiple parts that could be played by different characters on different instruments all easily synchronising so they are in time.

You can probably tell I am a bit of a fan. It allowed for a lot of great evenings, gatherings of friends, community get-togethers, all improved by a great band. That is why I was so excited when Jeromy ‘Caspian’ Walsh responded to Amarok with:

You’ll be pleased then.

Those 4 words (sort of 5 if you do not include the contraction) made rather happy, to say the least. I know this is not the big news. It is not a major game mechanic. It isn’t a big part of the lore. But it is depth. These small things all add to make an interesting world, one that people want to stay in, one that lasts.

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