Forum Finds – Soulless

Are you looking for a way to live forever? A way to extend your life over what is normally possible? Well, it looks like Chronicles of Elyria has a range of opportunities for you. Previously I mentioned an ancient relic that may be able to suspend the aging process, at a cost. This Forum Find focuses on some other ways to possibly elongate your life by becoming soulless. But before you start trying to pull your soul out remember, the chance of a long life comes at high costs.

One of the earliest ways we were told about extending your life was actually revealed by Caspian way back at the first Developer Journal Easter egg hunt:

At some point after game launch a dark magic will enter the world. This magic will make it possible for those gifted in such arts to transfer their soul from their body to a receptacle for safe keeping. So long as their soul is secure – they cannot die (though they continue to age). Continue reading

Journal Discussed – #2 Soul Selection, Destiny, Achievements and Soul Mates

If you have not read this week the Chronicles of Elyria developer journal yet you can catch up with the abridged version here, though of course nothing beats the real thing over at It is a rather packed journal, and still some ended up on the Soulbound Studios cutting room floor so we better make a start discussing it all.

There was less straight controversy in this one, yes I am looking at you last week’s talent system, but it was full of fascinating detail on some pretty crucial features. Including some of the first things we are going to see when we get hold of the game, the beginning of character customisation. Firstly let’s ignore the idea of choosing a soul and lets focus on the nitty-gritty, the UI. Now we know this is not a finished product, but if we are at a point where we can judge the ideas we are certainly at a point where we can look at their implementation too. Continue reading

Journal Abridged – #2 Soul Selection, Destiny, Achievements and Soul Mates

Chronicles of Elyria Soul Selection Screen

This series takes the Developers Journals and gives you a run down of the key information covered. While there is not much discussion here, you can head to the accompanying Journal Discussed article which will be posted later in the week.

This week is part two of looking into one of Chronicles of Elyria’s fundamental mechanics, souls. If you missed part one you can catch up here, but to dive into the part two you can head over to for the full topic covering Soul Selection, Destiny, Achievements and Soul Mates or read the abridged version here.

Buckle up because with four packed topics just in the title this is going to be a wild ride. Continue reading

Journal Discussed – #1 Introduction to Souls

Introduction to Souls was the first Developer Journal since the public announcement of Chronicles of Elyria if you haven’t read it yet catch up with the Journal Abridged. In this post, we shall be looking at the communities reaction, additional developer responses and all round discussion on the topic.

With so much new information coming out it was interesting to see which parts the community really picked up on. However, with one of the announcements being an asymmetrical talents system, there are no prizes for guessing which part got the most tongues wagging. Concerns ranged from everyone unlocking the best talents, to players re-rolling over and over to get the talent they want, to simply quitting out of disappointment if they didn’t get one. The community was initially pretty flustered (myself amongst them), but as always Jeromy ‘Caspian’ Walsh came to the rescue clearing up a lot of the confusion that was fueling those negative thoughts. Continue reading

Journal Abridged – #1 Introduction to Souls

Chronicles of Elyria Akashic Records

This series takes the Developers Journals and gives you a run down of the key information covered. While there is not much discussion here, you can head to the accompanying Journal Discussed article which will be posted later in the week.

With Soulbound Studios using the Soulborn engine, it is very clear that souls are a big deal.  Information about this fundamental  parts of the Chronicles of Elyria world is starting to spill out with Introduction to Souls the first of a three-part series. There is so much information, even when broken it takes up a lot of grey matter to think about all the implications. Continue reading

Akashic Records – Souls

Chronicles of Elyria Akashic Records

I have been wondering what to call a series of posts about the lore of Chronicles of Elyria luckily a sneak peak into next week’s Developer Journal has provided the solution. Welcome to the Akashic Records.

Jeromy ‘Caspian’ Walsh shared with us some of the first screenshots/concepts of the game. Quickly community member DerryFH had spotted some interesting details in one of the screenshots. Was that the map of Elyria? A place for magical teleportation? Continue reading