Chronicler Conjecture – Magic

Welcome to a new series of posts looking at some of the parts of the game that are still mostly under wraps. These articles are speculation or sp-ECHO-lation… haha.. no? Fine. They are my, the chronicler’s, thoughts on a topic based on the tiniest scraps of information that have been extrapolated upon far beyond what is reasonable. They are thoughts and possibilities to be debated, not be taken as fact.

Magic, it is a fascinating thing and one that comes up regularly on the forums. Unfortunately for those of us who are impatient and what to know everything now it is one of the topics that is a closely guarded secret. One the Soulbound employees are determined not to spill. However, because they just can’t resist, we have been given a few clues which I shall now run wild with.

We know that magic is not going to be common. The information provided around the first developer journal cleared that up for us, perhaps only 5% of people will have access to magic and not all instantly. This scarcity makes magic more intriguing than your normal fantasy MMO. It is not a case of picking the spell damage character and away you go. The implementation is going to be rather different and that is what I think is driving the community’s curiosity.

The only things we have been given to feed that curiosity is this brief post from Jeremy ‘Caspian’ Walsh in response to community member Zultra digging for more information with their Clarification on how magic will work? thread:

Let’s put it this way. This is a Sword & Sorcery style world, not high fantasy. Magic in this world is both feared and revered. It is fairly uncommon, and extremely powerful.

Those familiar with the Sword & Sorcery style will understand how the rarity fits with that genre. Magic there is not common place, it exists, but the majority are using their weapons, stealth or physical prowess to take out their foes. Magic is not normally used by the heroes. In fact, it is magic that normally provides the foe. Something for those weapon wielders to fight against. The hero in armour with his long sword taking on the evil mage. How much of that will cross into Chronicles of Elyria we do not know but the post does mention magic wielders will be feared. Other posts have foretold the coming of dark magic:

At some point after game launch a dark magic will enter the world. This magic will make it possible for those gifted in such arts to transfer their soul from their body to a receptacle for safe keeping.

Another pearl of wisdom from the rather full mind of Caspian, that can be found on the community forums hereThat transfer sounds like an in-depth task, one that is not easy to complete, fitting with magic in Swords & Sorcery often being a lengthy affair. It is not an instant cast sort of magic, favoring instead long ritual containing several blood sacrifices. We could see that translated into the game using long cast times, reagents, perhaps even doing damage to the caster as well as whatever other effects they intend. I personally think that makes magic far more interesting. An instant fireball is not interesting, just a magic flaming arrow it does not add anything that physical weapons can not. However, with long rituals with who knows what outcomes, now that is something I would like to see.

So that is my thoughts on magic. Why don’t you add to the speculation either in the comments below or on the original thread in the community forums?  Sorry that I was not able to add any clarification but, hopefully, conjecture is just as good!

One thought on “Chronicler Conjecture – Magic

  1. Id love to see “magic” healing tho. Not to fond of the first aid kind of healing. It makes me sad to see all these new games in the works ignoring healing as an option. Ive always played a healing oriented toon in all my mmos or even rpgs. CoE has so many wonderfull ideas and options, would hate it if they only stick to bandaid kind of healing.


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