The Muster – PvE, Welcomes and Fame

Join me as we gather up all of the highlights from the last week. We are pulling from all sorts of sources; from forums and the Q&A to discussions had on the IRC. Aiming to bring together a whole host of information and point you in the right direction to find more. As always, well as since last week, ending with the Muster Point, the one thing you really ought to know from this week’s collection.

So what have we got for you this week? Well, last week we spoke a bit about PvP so only fair we address the balance with a look at PvE. We are also welcoming some new staff members over a Soulbound Studios, talking about fame, guild tools, how you know you are going to die, and some interesting battle mechanics. Oh, and I have included something Jeremey ‘Caspian’ Walsh told us about Liches in the IRC… Continue reading

Chronicler Conjecture – Realism

While not really an under wraps part of the game, how ‘Realism’ affects Chronicles of Elyria are something I have been pondering about. It is a word that developers have used quite a few times, to the point where part of the game’s introduction is about the ‘dramatic realism’ we are going to be able to experience. However, what actually is realism when it comes to a game set in a fantasy world? How real is ‘realistic’?

The reason I started musing on this topic is because of mjwalstead, a member of the community over on the official forums. There was a discussion after the last developers journal about griefers murdering others and how we would try to prevent this. Before we go any further I just want to say that murder is a serious topic, and the discussion of it in relation to game mechanics is not in any way intended to diminish or overlook the seriousness of such a heinous act. However, as it is going to be a part of the game and I do want to talk about how that impacts Chronicles of Elyria. Continue reading

Journal Abridged – Incapacitation, Spirit Walking, and Permadeath

The astral plane in Chronicles of Elyria

This series takes the Developers Journals and gives you a run down of the key information covered. It gives you all the facts in easy to digest bullet points, no nonsense, if you want discussion then you are going to have wait for the Journal Discussed which will hit later in the week.

Chronicles of Elyria’s has death, in many different forms, with varying effects. If you are getting a bit confused about how it all works then this is the Developer Journal is for you Incapacitation, Spirit Walking, and Permadeath. Want to read the whole thing it is up on now or the abridged version is below. Continue reading