The Muster – New Office, Game Access and Canis Rabbits

This week we are mustering up news from what has been a slightly quieter news week for the community. However, there has been big news for Soulbound Studios themselves. All the news from the forums, IRC and interviews have been gathered up and ready for your perusal. Jump to the Muster Point at the end if you just want the headline story!

The office move is one of the big topics, along with shedding some light on to what they have been up to in it! We get a hint of how we might be able to get our hands on the game multiple times before launch. Learn who is the funniest and scariest in the office. Oh, and you might have noticed there is some new concept art out!

New Office

You might have noticed there was no Q&A this week. That was because bang on the time that would normally be going on the team were moving everything over to their new office space.

We’ve got about a half-day of work, then we move over to the new office. Then we’ve got our first full-company dinner tonight. The whole team and their families are meeting to celebrate our latest milestone of having an office. ~ Caspian

The new office as well as having more space for the ever expanding team also has room for other important features, such as a motion capture studio. That means more animation in the works, and fingers crossed, more videos for us!


We all know about the fateful Developer Journal 17 which raised some fundamental issues with what the team called core mechanics. Sounds scary, but good news everyone one:

We discussed several design problems yesterday, over two…. really long meetings. In any case, we reached closure on all but one of the major design issues. ~ Caspian

This means we are going to get two new developers journals coming soon explaining how they have solved the issues they came across and how that affects us. It might have been quiet this week but it doesn’t look like it will be staying that way!

Game Access

When can I play? When can I play? It is a question I am sure we are all asking.

In short, there will be several opportunities in both 2016 and 2017 for Influential players to get their hands on part of the game and provide feedback.  ~ Caspian [Source – Forums]

Several opportunities! We have our fingers crossed already for the PAX East demo, but looks like we are in line for more. However, note the italics. If you want to play you got to get that Influence, so make sure you sign up for the official forums and get involved in the community. The more involved, helpful and generally a part of things you are the more influence you are going to rack up.

Aurora Tells All

The lovely Narkari, a community member and Headmistress of Fennec Academy, a school that hopes to open its doors in Elyria, got to interview Aurora the Community Outreach Coordinator this week. As well as finding out more about Aurora’s role and what she has been working on, no prizes for guessing she is focused on getting things ready for the KickStarter right now, she also gave us some more information about the team. Who is the funniest? Who is the Scariest?

Funniest? Hmm, that might be Caspian, I don’t know. We like to have little pun battles with each others. So it’s very punny sometimes. As for scared of, might say Souzou. I would be interested to see who would win in a sword fight. [Source – YouTube Interview]

So while were are worried about Caspian’s martial arts, turns out we should have been terrified of Souzou with a sword!

Canis Rabbit

Over on the official Twitter, we got our first look at some concept art for one of the animals we are going to see inhabiting Elyria. The Canis Rabbit:

Canis rabbit concept art from Chonicles of Elyria

Yes, they are rabbits, but not they are not fluffy. They take their vicious nature from their wolf side and hunt in packs too. From their rabbit relatives, they have great hearing and can close distances with huge leaps. I will certainly not be messing with this carnivore. Although it has been mentioned that perhaps you could try to domesticate them… good luck if you try!

Muster Point

The team have moved offices into a great new space, and the new space seems to have given new creativity with several design issues solved and Developer Journals on the way.

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