Character Ideas

With new information thin on the ground, I have been spending time reading and rereading old information we have. Not only is it intriguing seeing the occasional subtle shift in design over the last six months of the games development, but it is also inspiring. There are so many concepts that they hope to put into this game and they all fuel my desire to make character concepts. The combinations, the possibilities, the background stories and future paths. It is what has kept me (somewhat) sane over the festive period without more Chronicles of Elyria news to chew on.

I am not the only one who has character ideas either. In one of the past Q&A answer sessions we actually found out that Caspian himself has ideas of the character type he would like to play.

I’m going to be Robin Hood. Rob from the rich and steal for the poor. In order to do that, I’m need to have a certain level of survival skills associate with that. I also need the ability to stay out in the woods for a long period of time. I also need the ability to fight so I need some combat skills in there as well. When I’m resting I’m going to play my lute, because I’m a musical bardish kind of character in addition to a being a warrior / champion / survival character.

This shows the variation we can expect, and highlights that a single profession might not be the best bet in this game. Rounded characters with a purpose and a story are likely to be the ones that keep you logging in and keep you having fun.

So here are a few more to get your creative juices going from the list of many characters I have been considering.

White Knight
Their goals is to come to the rescue of anyone or any place in need. Always looking for tales of dark forces they might need to defeat, their social skills excel and are excellent at languages due to the varied lands they visit. Often found on the road travelling between major towns, they rarely adventure into the wild alone instead having a knightly assistant to help carry the load, navigate, and see to their basic needs. They often get given resources for completing their rescues, they never ask for it for they offer their assistance willingly, but they never turn it down either!

Tomb Raider
Research is key. Studying maps, documents, and old tales looking for clues toward lost civilisations this raider is as much a scholar as an adventurer. Agile, quick witted, they aim to infiltrate the ruins, the hidden places, all without a fight. Travelling light they will not return with mountains of gold, but what they do retrieve is likely to be worth the risk. They focus on their own survival and rarely work with others.

The Patriarch
Increasing the standing of your house is all that matters. You are the head of a Dynasty and you demand respect through your social dealings, your negotiations, your no nonsense attitude. Your daughters might not like it but they know not to answer back when you final arrange their marriage to the most suited of suitors. After all it is for the good of the family name. A name that all the locals know, after all you have thrown many parties that is still the talk of the town.

Owning half of down-town you work hard to ensure your properties meet the standards required by your tenants, and by doing so you ensure they turn over a tidy profit. From business premises to apartment buildings you have your finger in a lot of pies. Your attention to detail in Lease Agreements, which you always write yourself, has earnt you the reputation of being hard but equally fair. People trust you and often sign up without checking the small print, which is fair enough as you are too honest to sneak in anything untoward.

Civil Engineer
Architects are well and good but they only think about the basics. Yes madam, that blue print looks great but if you put it on these ground conditions you are going to have that front porch crumbling down in no time. Perhaps if we add some further supports at the front, maybe rotate the house slightly so you have less surface area being hit by the wind, what about researching the timber grade to find one that is stronger and will suit these conditions better. Better run, got a meeting with the Mayor about designing the best layout for the town to allow to encourage congregating at key economic areas.

Your pair of mares are your best friends and your livelihood to boot. They are cared for as family and their needs always come above your own. You know a fair bit of carpentry too, fixing wheels and broken boards where the rough roads play havoc on your cart. Your knowledge of the road network is second to none too. Making a tidy profit on the side selling maps that mark black spots to be avoided. If only there was someone to sell such maps to you, better be glad you spent so much time practising with a blade.

The Enabler
Are you looking for a new name, trying to get together a gang for a job, or just need a safe house for that job that went wrong, you need the enabler. They are simultaneously at the heart of the criminal underworld while keeping the cleanest hands in the business. They know everyone, they know every job running, they are the ones that can get you what you need, but they won’t be the one ending up in a court house. Criminals want to do business, but they do not want every Tom, Dick and Harry knowing what they do. They tell the enabler, the enabler passes them business and they never have to meet the client. It is the enablers social skills, contacts and ability to keep their mouth shut that keeps them at the top of the stack.

Will I end up choosing any of these? I do not know, I am sure I will have many characters over the years. I also know I have many more ideas besides. What character plans have you made so far, let me know in the comments below.

8 thoughts on “Character Ideas

  1. Here are some fun ones:

    Druid (or – Hermit cabin in the woods? check. Animal Taming, Survivalist, Gatherer, Herbalist, Staff skill, Traps, Knowledge of the creatures mundane and fantastical. Protector of the forest and woodland creatures, enemy of all loggers, goals include: Protecting your forest domain from poachers, loggers, and hostile peoples; Landscaping to make your forest better than the other druids forest (jealous much?); Supplying rare herbs and mushrooms to alchemists to haul back to the city for sale; Using those funds to buy out all the forest land from the king and turning them into state parks and creating trails for locals to appreciate it’s beauty (that you landscaped :P).

    Leshy (Leshen) – The trickster forest creature. You disguise yourself in such ridiculous forest garb that many aren’t sure you are man. You lure many into the forest to trick and knock out for gold. You convince those in town of your existence only to lure them in out of curiosity. You convince them of a great need for them to go there, somehow alone, and you never do it in person. You use elaborate pranks and methods in order to make them think you are greater than them and they shouldn’t even try or you’ll kill them..although in reality you are weak and frail and maybe not even want to kill. You screw with all who enter the forest and you and the druid have a secret pact as you say you are only there to defend the forest…when really it is your stage. You then later write a book of your deeds hoping those who you tricked will connect the dots and know you are the greatest of all tricksters.

    Curio Merchant – Whether traveling on a wagon or owning a shop in a shady back-alley you sell the dark and peculiar, the magical and mysterious. You have so much stuff packed in one place no thief would take the time to sift through all the crap to find any gems (if there are any). You have suppliers that nobody knows exist and do large amounts of research in lore to find the greatest of artifacts with the most distinct of histories. A golden spoon from the famous Red Masquerade that ended the great kings reign? You got it. A yellow dress stolen from the tragic case of the Lich and his lover? For the right customer…it’s yours. A turban cloth from the lost raiders of the dry lands? You wear it you buy it! Follow you back into your secret room behind the bookcase and you’ll find stuff far too illegal to own…let alone sell. Demonic skulls. Vampire’s bones, blood from the plague, it’s all there…just don’t steal from him…his friends are far scarier than anything he owns.

    Creepy Widow(er) – You live on a decrepit mansion on a hill. your lawn is as dead as your past lover(s), nobody ever sees you go in or out of your house, you scream horrible things at random times but nobody knows what you are talking about. Secret rooms all over your mansion hide dark secrets (alchemy, torture chambers, your enslaved former lover? It’s up to you). You specialize in traps, poisons, and other deadly things that require you to not be there when the deed happens. You wear all black, you roam the streets talking to nobody. There are two you’s; by day, the sad lonely soul who takes to the streets seemingly doing nothing at all but really seeking your next target to lure into your grasp, by night you stalk the streets looking for lonely travelers to creep out and maybe even lure into traps by playing the damsel, stealing their gold (to fund your hobby), then disappearing. You only killed once…but you will always be a killer. Was it out of self defense? Inner demons? Or are you just that twisted? All I know is that all the townspeople are too afraid to go inside your house to find out.

    Phony Cult Leader – Are you a bored rich aristocrat? A black hoodie mischievous spirit? Doesn’t matter. You convince the weak minded that you are powerful and will grant them secrets. You demand tribute and for them to prove themselves by giving them deeds in return for future knowledge…only you don’t have received one cool talent you can show off and convince them you have more to offer and that you can teach them. Once you have gained their trust you lure them into your lair and boom, knocked out, stripped of money, (or darker…murder and steal all their stuff) and you move on to the next town..never to be heard from again and garner a new disguise to sucker your next victim of their money and pride.

    I could keep going but I think I’ve gone too long, haha.


  2. It is very hard to pick one character. Among the DJs I thought of several possibilities:

    The traveling doctor, a man or woman who travels from town to town helping people with their natural remedies. Life as a globetrotter who require experience in combat, so it could happen.

    The tavern, someone who in addition to serving the customers is the soul of the people, that person can find anything you need for a few coins. One source of information.

    The gallant champion: the war hero with spirit and discipline, inspiring honor when you sweat and is adorned like a party. A man or woman who knows what is the duty and follow the ways of a moral line.

    The student of anything and everything: that guy who is always in books but that seems to have the solution to anything. A bookworm who has the milk white skin is thinner than a stick.

    This are some examples, but i love those character concepts :3


  3. The Wanderer – A Mann who’s survivability knows no equal and whose worldly knowledge betrays the fact that he is quite literally a homeless person. No home, no family. Alone. It’s also pretty well used character trope. But despite that, I always love those characters.

    I have this burning desire to build a Tower of Babel of sorts. I like the idea of designing and overseeing a project like that.


  4. Sindrealight you are right! I completely forgot that there was a word for that sort of character. Perhaps the Enabler is a slightly upper class version contacted by nobles who want to do things on the sly.

    Anonymous it is a shame you have not shared your name, as there are some very dark ideas in there and the authorities might want to check on your wellbeing! No they are fabulous my two favourites are the Leshy trickster, with the gossip mechanic all sorts of rumours might spread not just through players but NPCs too, and the Creepy Window, yes she is terrifying but would be great fun to play.

    Gammea I love the student and the idea of them being skinny as a rake, I am really intrigued with their plan for actions to affect our characters physical appearance. It means if your student does have to venture out into the world it will be very clear they are not going to be able to defend themselves.

    KnightsBayne the idea of being the great project master, is really intriguing. Perhaps the Isambard Kingdom Brunel of Elyria the man stood directing the shots, coming up with the great plans, though will we have enough cheap labour to put all these things into action!


  5. Though this is quite late and my goal isn’t fancy, I do have a rather rough image in mind for what I’d like to do in Elyria. 🙂

    I will mainly be a Tamer/Breeder, supplying the people with domesticated animals whether for labour, resource, leisure or companion, and will take contracts for the training or breeding of traits, aesthetic, or both. There’s not much information on the skillsets, currently, but I’m aiming to make a name for myself not just as a competent breeder, but one known for the quality of mounts.


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