Forum Finds – Disguises

Hidden within each Developer Journal is a phrase that hints towards as yet unannounced features. The forums are abuzz after each journal scouring the text and examining each and every word to try to uncover the clue. This week was no exception. I thought the information uncovered really needed highlighting, so it is the focus of this Forum Find.

Did you always think it was odd that in other MMOs you knew every stranger’s name and they somehow knew yours? Well, Chronicles of Elyria that will not be the case. Just like in the real world you will not have the mystic ability to know people’s names before being introduced. As Caspian informed us on the official forums:

In Chronicles of Elyria, all characters- NPC, PC, OPC, etc… start out unnamed. You don’t know who they are until they introduce themselves to you, and vice versa. However, through the use of disguises, you can create alternate identities…

What sounds like quite an inconsequential idea that might add to people’s immersion, suddenly becomes far more intriguing. Alternate identities. We have heard a bit about chat in one of the very early Developer Journals. It mentioned that you could talk to a player in a chat channel with your player alias and also talk to them in the game with your character without them ever knowing the two the same person. Now it appears to go further than that, even if they did know both your player name and character name, you could still hide from them with the use of a disguise.

There are so many interesting reasons for this, some could be as simple as avoiding a really annoying friend. To political intrigue, spying, espionage and of course:

How do you commit crimes if someone could always just report you and send you to jail? You commit them as someone else…someone that doesn’t really exist.

So you really better watch your coin purse! There are of course limits to who you can hide from. The longer you spend with someone the more likely they are to be able to see through a disguise you wear. Family members will also always know it is you, you just can’t keep a secret from your family. That means that if you are looking for a life of crime a player family might not be the best choice for you, but don’t worry the state accept wards so you will still find a place in the game. And guilds? Well, they may never find out your true identity!

It really is one of those systems that seems to have so many possibilities. With associated skills in the Deviant skill tree (which I have to admit is my favourite name for a type of skill in any game) it seems like this will be an important element of the game. I hope it is one the capitalise upon, it is something that can really make any in game situation just that little bit more interesting. Is your mate avoiding giving you a discount by selling you things under a false name? Is that woman over there really interested in you or is she just a honey trap trying to steal guild secrets? What about that man in the fake mustache and glasses, oh wait that is uncle Harry… he always was a bit odd.

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