Chat Log – Interacting with Terrain

This weeks Developer Journal is not hitting until later in the week so things are a little out of order. However, it means you have plenty of warning for the live chat with the developers which is scheduled for Thursday 24th at 10am PDT. To get you in the mood we are going to dive into the last official live chat and look at two different questions that related to the same broad topic. Lets talk about interactions with the in game terrain. Lets talk about we are going to navigate trees, walls, mountains and the ground itself!

Community member Xilana has rather eagle eyes and noticed in the last character customisation developer journal that there was a reference to those living in jungles spent a lot of time climbing up and down trees. I missed it entirely but they jumped on it, asking the developers if we could do that in game? What about climbing walls, or up mountains?

Yes. I’ve long said I want the game to feel more like an action-platformer… ie. Tomb Raider or Assassins creed. We want adventuring to feel like an adventure‚Ķ

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