Journal Discussed – Technology and Research Part 2

An indoor sceen including a clock in Chronicles of Elyria.

Patents. They are a familiar concept in our world, with large court battles between the biggest technology firms. Could that work in a computer game? In a world where technology progresses, and players are the ones progressing it, patents could well make sense. However, combine that unusual idea with the cruel word count in the Developer Journal and it leads to a difficult concept to get your head around. The idea to day is to gather up all the other information we have found out and hopefully understand patent a little bit better. But first if you haven’t caught up on the Technology and Research Developer Journal yet then you can check out the Journal Abridged, or if you want to know a bit more about technology in Elyria part 1 of this Journal Discussed will help you out.

Firstly let’s look at the basics. Patents are a law created by an individual or group that protects a technology they have discovered from being crafted or processed by others in the Kingdom without breaking that law. It is in effect for three weeks after being issued unless an extension is granted, often at a cost, which lasts an additional three weeks. Sounds simple enough but let’s break that down a bit! Continue reading

Journal Discussed – Technology and Research Part 1

Dynamic worlds are becoming something more Developers are striving for. To me the reason for it is clear. A changing world is simply a more interesting place to be long term. However, the way different developers approach adding that feeling of change can be very different. Often it is quite limited and does eventually loop back around on itself, more interesting than a static world but still not catering to the player who wants to stay in that game for the next year or more. Chronicles of Elyria seems to be piling on the layers when it comes to dynamic gameplay.

We know about dynamic characters with aging and dying. We know about the dynamic story with the main story lasting ten years. We know about the dynamic world, with seasons, weather and more. Now we also know about the technology of the world. And to be honest out of all those systems this is the one that captures me. This week’s design journal talks about what Soulbound Studios mean when they say technology and how that can be researched by players leading to the introduction into the game of whole new items. If you haven’t read it yet I suggest jumping over to the Journal Abridged and then jumping straight back as we have had a lot of really interesting information from the developers since that went live! There is in fact so much more information I have had to split this into two parts. So today we are talking about what sort of technology we can expect and on Sunday we are going to be looking into the patent system.

Let’s start on the wider view. We know that technology is going to advance over time. However, where are we starting from? Perhaps more interestingly, where are we going to end up? During the weekly Q&A, hosted over at DM21 Gaming, Caspian responded to those two questions. Continue reading

Journal Abridged – Technology & Research

A telescope in Chronicles of Elyria.

This series takes the Developers Journals and gives you all the information simplified and listed out. It means you can just get the recipe and not have to put in the research yourself. If you want discussion then you are going to have to wait for the Journal Discussed which will hit later this week. I’m guessing Thursday this week, let’s see how far out I am.

Soulbound Studios have said from the outset that they intend to make a living world. What makes it living? Living characters, that age and die. Living environments with seasons and weather. Living communities with political change. The other part that changes over time is the technology of the world, Elyria advances through time. It is us as players that cause that advancement with the research we undertake. We are the ones that decide what we want to know next, where we want to push the world. If that sounds as exciting to you as it does to me then you might want the full version over on, but if you just want to get straight in and find out all the highlights read below.

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