Forum Finds – Soulless

Are you looking for a way to live forever? A way to extend your life over what is normally possible? Well, it looks like Chronicles of Elyria has a range of opportunities for you. Previously I mentioned an ancient relic that may be able to suspend the aging process, at a cost. This Forum Find focuses on some other ways to possibly elongate your life by becoming soulless. But before you start trying to pull your soul out remember, the chance of a long life comes at high costs.

One of the earliest ways we were told about extending your life was actually revealed by Caspian way back at the first Developer Journal Easter egg hunt:

At some point after game launch a dark magic will enter the world. This magic will make it possible for those gifted in such arts to transfer their soul from their body to a receptacle for safe keeping. So long as their soul is secure – they cannot die (though they continue to age). Continue reading