Journal Discussed – Equipment and Inventory

A blacksmith stall at a market in Chronicles of Elyria.

First impressions count. The way you present yourself can really impact how people view you and interact with you. In Chronicles of Elyria this is just as true. Walk down the street wearing a mask and people will get nervous. Turn up carrying a rapier and people are going to think you might just want to use it! In Elyria those first impressions are going to make a difference to how you are treated by other players. So I think you better go and read the Journal Abridged and then we better talk about the equipment and inventory system, as how you use it might save your life.

What you see is what you get, and what you get is a rather different equipment and inventory system to what you may be used to. Equipment that offers a lot of choice and a lot of customisation. That means there are a lot of indications to onlookers about how much of a threat you might, or how valuable a target you are. With the ability to loot players in this game, if you are dressed in the richly coloured robes of noble you might want to be travelling with some guys who covered in studded leather carrying large maces. Continue reading

Chat Log – Shops and Auction Houses

One of the professions a player may choose to design their character around in that of a merchant. The role has been mentioned in numerous discussion and developers journals. The focus is always on the transport their wares from they were obtained back to town. Normally travelling along dangerous roads, their wagons loaded with goods and guards at their sides. There certainly seems to be the chance for adventure as a merchant. However, what do the merchant do once they get to the end of the road, when they find themselves in town? Well that is when they come into their own when they sell their wares.

This chat log focuses on the selling of goods, both through shops and auction houses in the game. Strangely quite a few questions came up this week possibly inspired by the great screenshot of a blacksmith stall in the latest Developer Journal. In fact it was clearly that image that inspired long time community member Lenek as they actually referred to in their question for Monday’s live chat. They wanted to know if we could set up our own stalls just anywhere on the streets like the screenshot showed:

Like in our world, there’s zoning rules. A space has to be zoned for a market for it to be possible. That’ll prevent people from setting up carts in the middle of the street.

Continue reading

Journal Abridged – Equipment and Inventory

A character wearing leather armour in Chronicles of Elyria.

This series takes the Developers Journals and gives you all the information but none of the literary styling of Jeromy Walsh. No background, no thought process, no amusing details. If you want discussion then you are going to have to wait for the Journal Discussed which will hit later week, or possible next if this week was anything to go by!

We all carry things with us every day. Perhaps like me you have a handbag that you carry an array of possibly useful items in. Or perhaps you are like my partner and get someone else to carry your items it their handbag… Either way, you are catered for in this game. And with so many different outfit combinations you can find the perfect armour, clothing, or undergarment to match your backpack! To read all the good stuff go to the full version over at, but if you just want the facts the abridged version is below. Continue reading

Journal Discussed – Character Roles, Skill Advancement, Crafting and Professions

It has been a packed week for Developer Journal with a double bill landing this week. Luckily with the topics being so linked it is easy enough to talk about them together, so that is what we are going to do. If you haven’t caught up yet then the Journal Abridged for Character Roles and Skill Advancement covers how we might decide to build our characters from the wealth of skills available. Whereas Crafting and Professions focuses on how we are going to perform some of those skills if we choose to take on a Producer role, and some of the information Suppliers might want too.

With a lot to get through I think this is one of those times were we are just going to have to jump straight in, so lets get started! Continue reading

Forum Finds – Inventory

Thandrus an NPC from Chronicles of Elyria

There are certain systems in a game that are essential for play but are very really talked about. I think inventory is one of them. Sometimes you will hear people complain there is not enough of it, but really I can not think of anything else I have heard a community discuss. Well, let’s put that right for Chronicles of Elyria and have a good old look at what we know about the system so far.

From the Developer Journal #4 Easter Egg Hunt we found out that Soulbound Studios are (yet again) going away from the norm when it comes to the inventory system. Moving towards realism and a ‘what you see is what you get’ approach. Here is the obligatory Jeromy ‘Caspian’ Walsh quote:

In CoE, everything carried is either in your hands or worn on your body. For example, there may be stuff in your backpack – but that’s only if you HAVE a backpack. If so, it’ll be either in your hands or on your back. Continue reading