Journal Discussed – Player Housing

The architecture tool from Chronicles of Elyria.

Player housing has been the topic of the last two developers journals, and if you have haven’t caught up Part 1 is all about the concept, design and construction, Part 2 is all about digging a giant hole underneath it, using it to hide things, and also kill people. So quite different takes on the same concept! Today we are doing a bit if a different Journal Discussed as I am going to run down the top five reasons housing has got be excited.

Let’s kick this off with the most important thing I think we have learnt from the Developers Journal:

1. Housing isn’t just about houses

While throughout both developer journals most of the focus was on player housing, this can be used for any building. A public forge, a guild hall, a library, a great mansion, the fort at an outpost, it is all about player buildings. I understand why the developers have used housing, it is familiar, but I think they might have shot themselves in the foot because this is so much more!

Everything else on this list is great, it is all really good stuff, but it is important to realise these tools and concepts apply to so much more than your home. If you can not be bothered to read on, then just remember that. Continue reading

Journal Abridged – Player Housing, Player-Created Dungeons

A vault in a dungeon in Chronicles of Elyria.

This series takes the Developers Journals and gives you all the information with none of the explanation. This part two of the player housing journals, so I promise to do a round up Journal Discussed of the system as a whole at some point this week. I mean it this time.

What a system it is though! Housing is deep. Not just with the multiple uses we saw last time, but also physically deep as we found out today that tunnels, basements, and underground vaults are all a possibility. The images in this Developer Journal are gorgeous so please don’t miss out and do head over to to have a look at some point. But for now… let’s go! Continue reading

Journal Abridged – Player Housing, Architecture & Construction

An inn hallway in Chronicles of Elyria.

This series takes the Developers Journals and gives you all the facts and none of the fluff. Just straight up, no messing. If you want discussion then the Journal Discussed which will hit later this week is what you are waiting for.

“Home is where the heart is” however, if you have read the latest two page Developer Journal over at you will also know that home is so much more than that. Oh and you will also know how to build one! Did I mention it was two pages this time? Better crack on!
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Forum Finds – Player Housing

All sorts of things have appeared on the forums for Chronicles of Elyria in the last few days that are worthy of a blog post, but some of them will have to wait. Housing was confirmed. Okay, of the regular forum goers it may just have been me that didn’t realise it was definitely in, but I am going to celebrate none the less. So I have combed the forums and pulled together all the scraps we have so far.

Houses will be available at launch. Houses are absolutely essential. Cheers!

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