Chat Log – Explorers

Did you know if you miss the weekly Live Chat with the developers you can catch up with all the questions and answers on the forum? You can even pose your questions ahead of time and get the answers delivered after the chat if you miss it! Two weeks in and the new format is working well. I recommend checking out this week’s thread here, and keeping an eye out next Monday for another thread to get your three questions in. Sometimes it is not the question itself that gives the most interesting answers but when the team expand on the concept enquired about, which was the case this week!

The latest Developer Journal highlights the different roles characters might want to take on. No we are not talking about tank, damage or healer we still do not know about the combat system (though if it has the trinity in it I will eat my pantaloons). We are talking about play styles, what sort of thing you enjoy doing most in the world and how you can use skills to build a character that will fit you. Continue reading