The Muster – PvE, Welcomes and Fame

Join me as we gather up all of the highlights from the last week. We are pulling from all sorts of sources; from forums and the Q&A to discussions had on the IRC. Aiming to bring together a whole host of information and point you in the right direction to find more. As always, well as since last week, ending with the Muster Point, the one thing you really ought to know from this week’s collection.

So what have we got for you this week? Well, last week we spoke a bit about PvP so only fair we address the balance with a look at PvE. We are also welcoming some new staff members over a Soulbound Studios, talking about fame, guild tools, how you know you are going to die, and some interesting battle mechanics. Oh, and I have included something Jeremey ‘Caspian’ Walsh told us about Liches in the IRC… Continue reading

Journal Abridged – The Weight and Measure of a Lifetime

A bookcase hiding a hidden room from Chronicles of Elyria.

A new Developer Journal for a new year. This one is a bit different as it really tries to get to the heart of some of the misconceptions about the game. Namely the business model. Often people hear the term perma-death and their mind immediately links it with games that have a hardcore mode, one death and you are out. That is not the case here. There are different types of death, and you may have to spirit walk many times before you actually reach that final curtain. But how many times? Well that all depends, however, we now know what on and how much of a difference it makes.

If you want to read the Developer Journal in full it can be found on the Chronicles of Elyria website, or you can read on for the Journal Abridged. Just a quick note that there is a fair amount of maths in the original, so if you want to see all the working I suggest heading there as I have just cut to the chase! Continue reading