So you want to be a… Bounty Hunter

So you want to play Chronicles of Elyria? But what do you want to be?

This new series looks at some possible professions, trades, and ways of life, giving you inspiration while looking at the detail we have for the mechanics of the game. It is available both in video or text depending on your preference. They are the same, mostly, so no need to read and watch! Please do remember that Chronicles of Elyria is in development, that means the information we have is not always exhaustive but is always subject to change.

This week’s profession will appeal if you have an interest in Player vs Player combat out in the open world. In being a defender of justice bringing lawbreakers to face trial. A blade for hire that can aid those who have had personal contracts broken. What about being the muscle that helps enforce the contracts that might not be of an entirely legal nature.

So you want to be a… Bounty Hunter? Continue reading

Journal Discussed – Contracts and Player-Created Professions

Contract being viewed in Chronicles of Elyria.

Engaging with other players is what makes multi-player games. We are all social creatures, but strangely MMOs can be a very anti-social environment. We end up playing our own single-player games just in a shared world. That is not something they want to see in Chronicles of Elyria, so they are bring that trust back… sort of! Contracts are a way of making an agreement between players. It could be a simple trade contract between individuals. Or you could request for help for harvest from as many people are willing to provide it. Perhaps you are a King passing laws that all your citizens must obey. They are all contracts, and all open up a world of possibility if you want more information about them check out the Journal Abridged.

Some of the most discussed areas of contracts have been writing them, breaking them, enforcing them, and laws. Over the last couple of Live Chats we have learn some interesting things about all these areas. I put out bounties on them all and luckily every quote has been brought back alive to share with you here. Continue reading

Journal Abridged – Contracts and Player-Created Professions

Character with backback from Chronicles of Elyria

This series takes the Developers Journals and gives you all the information in handy bullet points. No frills, lace or any decorative appliqué. If you want discussion then you are going to have to wait for the Journal Discussed which will hit later in the week.

Chronicles of Elyria is focusing on players interacting with the world, not merely being in it. This is highlighted by this week’s topic Player Contracts. Contracts unlock a huge range of character interactions, professions, even governments. With a lot to cover either run over to to read the full article or jump into the abridged version below. Continue reading