Chat Log – Shops and Auction Houses

One of the professions a player may choose to design their character around in that of a merchant. The role has been mentioned in numerous discussion and developers journals. The focus is always on the transport their wares from they were obtained back to town. Normally travelling along dangerous roads, their wagons loaded with goods and guards at their sides. There certainly seems to be the chance for adventure as a merchant. However, what do the merchant do once they get to the end of the road, when they find themselves in town? Well that is when they come into their own when they sell their wares.

This chat log focuses on the selling of goods, both through shops and auction houses in the game. Strangely quite a few questions came up this week possibly inspired by the great screenshot of a blacksmith stall in the latest Developer Journal. In fact it was clearly that image that inspired long time community member Lenek as they actually referred to in their question for Monday’s live chat. They wanted to know if we could set up our own stalls just anywhere on the streets like the screenshot showed:

Like in our world, there’s zoning rules. A space has to be zoned for a market for it to be possible. That’ll prevent people from setting up carts in the middle of the street.

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