Echo – Development Management

A lot of us at this stage of a games life are not just interested in what is being developed but also how they are developing it. Especially if the company are asking for our backing it is good to know their approach to delivering the final product. So it is interesting to see Soulbound Studios talking about their management and development system.

 We prove out a concept and then move onto proving out the next difficult concept, rather than rabbit-holing all the details of a single system this early in development.

If how the games development affects what we get to see and the decisions they make is something that interests you then you can find out more over at this thread.

Echo’s are a new idea I am trying out for content you need to know about, but don’t really need me waffling on about! Please let me know is this is something you find useful. Either in the comments below or over on twitter @ElyriaEcho.