Journal Discussed – #2 Soul Selection, Destiny, Achievements and Soul Mates

If you have not read this week the Chronicles of Elyria developer journal yet you can catch up with the abridged version here, though of course nothing beats the real thing over at It is a rather packed journal, and still some ended up on the Soulbound Studios cutting room floor so we better make a start discussing it all.

There was less straight controversy in this one, yes I am looking at you last week’s talent system, but it was full of fascinating detail on some pretty crucial features. Including some of the first things we are going to see when we get hold of the game, the beginning of character customisation. Firstly let’s ignore the idea of choosing a soul and lets focus on the nitty-gritty, the UI. Now we know this is not a finished product, but if we are at a point where we can judge the ideas we are certainly at a point where we can look at their implementation too. Continue reading

Journal Abridged – #2 Soul Selection, Destiny, Achievements and Soul Mates

Chronicles of Elyria Soul Selection Screen

This series takes the Developers Journals and gives you a run down of the key information covered. While there is not much discussion here, you can head to the accompanying Journal Discussed article which will be posted later in the week.

This week is part two of looking into one of Chronicles of Elyria’s fundamental mechanics, souls. If you missed part one you can catch up here, but to dive into the part two you can head over to for the full topic covering Soul Selection, Destiny, Achievements and Soul Mates or read the abridged version here.

Buckle up because with four packed topics just in the title this is going to be a wild ride. Continue reading