Akashic Records – Developers and the Lore

Welcome back to the Akashic Records. A series of posts about the lore of Chronicles of Elyria.  In this post, we are not going to look at a certain feature of the lore but instead, focus on a post made by the developers about their attitude to lore as a whole.

There are several parts to lore in my opinion ‘background’, ‘progress’ and ‘engagement’. Soulbound Studios seem to have already considered them all as Jeromy ‘Caspian’ Walsh told us in a thread about In-game Lore started by Luccheno. He started by talking about some of the backgrounds for the game:

To me, the lore of a world is a combination of cultural norms, religious beliefs, mythology, cosmology, and ancient history. All of these exist in Chronicles of Elyria. Continue reading

Akashic Records – Immortality

Welcome back to the Akashic Records. A series of posts about the lore of Chronicles of Elyria.

Earlier in the week, our favourite Jeromy treated us to this snippet in response to a post about possible ways to stay young by community member Burdock:

“There is rumor of an ancient relic handed down by the Antepyrovians that suspends the normal aging process. But what length would the Children of Mann go to, to obtain such an object? Would anyone be safe wearing something so coveted?”

Anara Starsong – Keeper of Chronicles

There are a couple of things about this that set my mind racing. Continue reading

Akashic Records – Souls

Chronicles of Elyria Akashic Records

I have been wondering what to call a series of posts about the lore of Chronicles of Elyria luckily a sneak peak into next week’s Developer Journal has provided the solution. Welcome to the Akashic Records.

Jeromy ‘Caspian’ Walsh shared with us some of the first screenshots/concepts of the game. Quickly community member DerryFH had spotted some interesting details in one of the screenshots. Was that the map of Elyria? A place for magical teleportation? Continue reading