Announcement: Q&A January 11th @ Midnight UTC

The video for the stream is now live and can be found here!

What: Live Streamed Question and Answer session with Jeromy ‘Caspian’ Walsh, lead developer on Chronicles of Elyria.

Where: DM21_Gaming over on YouTube

When: Monday, January 11th at 4pm PST / 7pm EST / Midnight GMT

How: Questions can be submitted in advance here.

That is right we are getting our first live streamed Q&A of the year this Monday. There was a Developers Journal out on Friday and by the sounds of it another one on the way for Monday before the Q&A. So if they haven’t raised enough questions for you then there are all the other questions you have buzzing around your head. I know you have some, so no excuses for not submitting your queries now!

Glossary – A handy list of words

You might have noticed a new button on the menu up there. *Points up above the gorgeous concept art.* Yes that’s right we now have a Glossary.

The idea is simple this is a new game. New games have a habit of bringing with them a lot of new terms. Or even more confusing taking terms we thought we knew and giving them a different spin. The Glossary takes all these words and puts them in a alphabetised list with some handy definitions.

Think I have missed something? Is there a word you think should be in the list? Well you are probably right! So why not let me know either in the comments below or over on twitter @ElyriaEcho.

Chronicles of Elyria Announced

On Monday, July 27th Soulbound Studios announced the development of Chronicles of Elyria an MMORPG.

The studio might be new but it is led by industry veterans Jeromy Walsh (15 years in the game industry) and Eddie Smith (17 years producing concept art and beautiful images). Their experience may well explain why a start-up company is tackling such a large initial project as an MMORPG, especially one that turns a lot of the expected MMO features on their head. The studio describes Chronicles of Elyria as ‘innovative’ and the systems they have described so far seemingly back up that claim with characters having lifespans, family units, scheming guilds, and community driven content all set in a dynamic immersive world. Continue reading