Journal Discussed – Families and Family Selection

Chronicles of Elyria Town

In Chronicles of Elyria blood is thicker than water. Families matter. They are your social support structure. They are the ones that give you that first helping hand in the game. They give you a group to belong to, food to eat, and a roof over your head. They are also an incredibly interesting game … Continue reading Journal Discussed – Families and Family Selection

Journal Abridged – Bolstering & Earn-to-Play

Assassin and King concept art from Chronicles of Elyria.

With just days left until the KickStarter, which is on May 3rd so get ready, we have been given an incredibly interesting Developer Journal to chew over. Like the last Developer Journal, this one too concentrates on the business model to an extent, however, perhaps an anti-business model might be more accurate. This is about … Continue reading Journal Abridged – Bolstering & Earn-to-Play


With new ideas, comes new terminology. Words that might be new to us. Familiar words that have unfamiliar game mechanics tied to them. Old words we just sometimes forget. All those terms are brought together here with their Elyrian definitions. Want more information? Just click the word to find all of the Elyria Echo posts … Continue reading Glossary

Journal Abridged – Maps, Cartography, and Navigation

A character holding a map in Chronicles of Elyria.

This series takes the Developers Journals and gives you all the information broken down in to simple sentences. No waffle, or chicken for that matter. If you want discussion then you are going to have to wait for the Journal Discussed which will hit later week. With the world of Elyria being on the larger … Continue reading Journal Abridged – Maps, Cartography, and Navigation