The Muster – Power, ‘Head Start’ and Titan’s Steppe

Another week closer to the KickStarter. A week in which we have had a newsletter and forum posts, IRC chatter and general banter going on across social media. This post is here to Muster up all that news and put it all into a convenient package for you!

This week we are looking at the news the official newsletter brought, and how you can get the next issue delivered to your inbox if you missed out. We also look at power vacuums, what exactly a Chronicles of Elyria ‘head start’ is, and where is Titan’s Steppe.


Well in case you hadn’t noticed the newsletter reminded us the KickStarter date has been announced, which is still the 3rd of May in case you have forgotten. It also let us know that the community is still growing with 35,000 accounts on the site now. So welcome to any new members. While the community is growing do remember to spread the word to others, there are influence points in it for you if you recruit an active member of the community!

Oh and we got some great images too that are yet to go on the website:

A dark street in Chronciles of Elyria.

If you want to get the newsletter make sure you are registered on the official site and check your preferences to ensure you are signed up for it.

Power Vacuum

Kingdoms need a ruler. However, rulers have a nasty habit of dying. Even those who reign well and keep their subjects happy end up dead just like the common folk. So how does succession work in Chronicles of Elyria?

In the absence of a ruler, the next person in succession can automatically become king. However, if there’s a pretender with a higher popular opinion than the heir, then they can claim the throne. If there is more than one pretender, both with higher popular opinion than the heir, but neither higher than 51% there’s a power vacuum… someone must be eliminated. [Source – Caspian IRC]

Eliminated you say? An interesting proposition. Is there any way to eliminate one and still be a contender for the throne? We know there is a gossip mechanic, perhaps it can be used to knock the others popularity. Maybe it would have to involve more shadowy ways, hiring assassins and using poisons. It is interesting to know that there are other ways to become King than simply being their offspring. It means that if you have worked hard as a Duke and your people love you, and even those in the neighbouring Duchies love you, then you have a shot at the crown.

What happens in the interim? While we are all sat around for one pretender to kill another, what is going on?

All kinds of interesting things can happen in a power struggle like that. Pieces of the kingdom can be absorbed by neighboring kingdoms, the Dukes could attempt a coup and declare their duchy an independent kingdom… [Source – Caspian IRC]

Ah, looks like there might be a number of ways for Dukes to end up on the throne.

‘Head Start’

Alpha, Beta, Head Start, Launch. That is the planned release schedule though there may be a couple of alpha and beta stages thrown in for good measure. However, that term ‘head start’ is causing a few misunderstandings. The term is normally used to denote an advantage in competition, but this is a game that does not have typical competitions. Yes, everyone has goals they want to achieve and people they will compete against in order to achieve them. However, there is no winner. There is no lasting victory.

Unless you join the game on day 1… someone will always have a head start. But “head start” doesn’t mean the same in this game. It isn’t a race to a finish line. “World Building” is probably a better name for it. [Source – Forums]

The intention is that players will be let in slowly so that the systems we have been told about can develop. Kingdoms start, Duchies set up, Counties established, cities, town, villages all growing to give us a place to begin. Leading to that world we would normally step into at the start of an MMO. That is quite difficult to get your head around when we are used to that all be premade before we arrive, all populated by NPCs. We are not a part of that world, we just grind through it. We are so used to having to get to the ‘max level’ or get to the ‘end game’ that people start before us seems off-putting but:

The game isn’t level based. As for skill, how quickly you advance is up to you. But unlike most MMO’s, you don’t have to hit “cap” before you become valuable to the world. You’re immediately valuable the day you start executing a new trade. Worry less about relative skill values. Also, people die. Then you’re suddenly the best. It all works out in the wash. [Source – Forums]

In the end, the game is about our story in the world. How we develop that character and how they impact those around us. That story works better when there is a world to impact and that takes a little time to build. Perhaps World building is a better name for that period of the game. What do you think? Which term do you think gets the message across better? Perhaps you think a completely different name, or even approach is needed. Share your thoughts in the comments below.


The offline demo is based in the mining town of Silver Run. We knew that it is located outside the large city of New Haven however, we now know the name of the valley the two are located in:

The region of the map occupied by New Haven and Silver Run is named Titan’s Steppe. Nobody knows why. [Source – Caspian IRC]

Nobody knows why? Perhaps, they have not seen the same concept art as us!

Muster Point

Just because you are not the heir to the throne does not mean you can not be the successor. Popular opinion counts.

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      1. Thanks. That may have been just before I signed up to the CoE website. Everything looks in order for me to receive the newsletter at my normal email address.


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