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Most of the things I bring to your attention with Forum Finds are details about game mechanics. This post is about something different. It is simply something. I read and thought, “That matters.” It is a post about the intended audience of the game. Who they are actually aiming this product at. It is about us:

Chronicles of Elyria is most definitely for a certain type of individual. It’s for people like me and my team. People who want to feel like they have an impact on the world.

This is a part of a post was made by Jeromy ‘Caspian’ Walsh in a thread about Character Creation of all things started by community member Illuminatos. So I think it certainly qualifies as a Forum Find as I would never have thought to look there for this sort of post! Jeromy continued:

People who feel like reaching “level cap” should be an amazing achievement, one that rarely happens and is really only for the most dedicated. This game is really for the people who want to check in regularly to see how the story is evolving, and who want to be a part of that story. It’s for people who, when they sign on, want to spend a couple hours in the game. If they want to spend 30 minutes gaming, they can go play a different game.

The game won’t be for everyone. But I think what sets CoE apart is that it’s not going to try to be. We will try and make the best game possible for people who are looking for the same kind of gaming experience we are.

There is not too much I want to say about the post. I think it is one of those that can easily stand alone without the need to dissect it. However, I will say it is brave. Brave to go against the current trend of marketing to a wide audience. Brave to aim at a niche. It is not the way to get a publisher on board, and even other private backers may be put off by the niche appeal.

It also brilliant. Aiming for the masses does not work anymore, the masses are too massive and none of them can agree on anything. They all know exactly what they want, and it is the opposite of what the last guy said. You can not make another World of Warcraft, that time has past. Gamer’s have more experience now, they have more options, they know what it is that they like and they will play that.

The game won’t be for everyone. But I think what sets Chronicles of Elyria apart is that it’s going to be for me. Is it for you too?

3 thoughts on “Forum Finds – Intended Audience

  1. Even though they say “the game won’t be for everyone. But I think what sets CoE apart is that it’s not going to try to be”, CoE is currently boasting enough in-depth systems to cater for a huge variety of players.

    Like exploring? Great, CoE will have a HUGE world for you to explore. Like combat? Fantastic as there will be large scale wars and many other opportunities to throw down. Politically minded? Awesome, you can run your own kingdom; contracts and all! Don’t like any of those things? We’ve got you covered there with crafting, farming, animal husbandry, cartography, sailing, fishing(?) and more!


  2. Sounds like CoE won’t be for casual gamers like me. Weekdays I might get to game for an hour at most, sometimes not at all. Weekends are my gaming time. Looks like my character will be almost 2 years older every time I can get some serious game time.


    1. To give you some insight though…you will have the ability to set parameters for your characters actions while you are offline. Your character will not remain idle and as such will either have collected materials, made trades, craft items, or just sit on his couch depending on what you decided his actions should be for the two years in-game time you have missed!


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