Forum Finds – Theft

With community interaction being such an integral part of Chronicles of Elyria I found this suggestion on how to deal with more unsavoury players really fits in with the character of the game. It also shows the developers sense of humour.

I don’t know about you, but if I discovered certain characters were gold farmers, I’d probably become a highwayman and repeatedly steal from them… just sayin’. 😉

Jeromy ‘Caspian’ Walsh  was sharing some of the details on the in-game exchange market in response to community member Shadow’s thread. Shadow brought up a topic that is close to many people’s hearts, would this game become Pay to Win? With the game allowing people to exchange real world money for in-game currency would that cause an imbalance?

Apart from sharing the games novel solution to gold farmers, Caspian went into  the reasons for adding the in-game exchange, which is certainly worth reading the whole post for. However, the part that stood out for me is that not only is non-consensual player versus player combat a feature of the game, theft is also possible (and partially encouraged).

The FAQ for the game reassures that in peace time attacking a player will have consequences, even prison time. But, it seems only when you are close to witnesses! That leaves a lot of the game world where you can be attacked and rob. Some will see that as exciting and another thing that adds to the immersion but what about those who class themselves as PvE players?

Over the years are two communities have grown with MMOs those who PvP and those who PvE. There will be many players instantly put off with PvP content being a part of the open world. But is that a bad thing? With so many MMOs trying to please both sides of the divide and not quite meeting the approval of either, is the fact Chronicles of Elyria setting their stall out early a good thing? Or is it limiting their possible draw? Time shall tell.

3 thoughts on “Forum Finds – Theft

  1. I think in terms of the PvE crowd, this mechanic will encourage group play even more. Adventurers travelling together in parties to ensure safe travel etc. Personally as a PvEer myself I am quite excited by this prospect.


    1. That is a really interesting take that I hadn’t considered. I suppose it does require you to band together for security which might well encourage the group play a lot of PvE players enjoy. Hopefully other players will look at it like that and not simply recoil at the thought of open world PvP.


      1. One can only hope. A lot of players freak out at the mention of open world PvP but it doesn’t always have to be a bad thing. It can really band players together, or in CoE’s case, a family or guild together.


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